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Before I begin, I must give you a little history as to my arrival at J SQUARED Organics. In 2006 I quit my job to finish my Master's degree and study abroad in Switzerland. While I was there, I learned exactly how gluttenous I was. I drove to work everyday, ran the AC unit constantly, oh but wait, I recyled the occasional newspaper, plastic bottle, cardboard box, and a few other items. I never truly understood what it meant to live consciously.

I believe Europeans still understand the devastation suffered in previous wars and they have taken that understanding and embraced a "conscious way of life". Europeans are careful of the environment and pay great attention to recycling and waste management, and European energy policies promote the use of renewable resources. My time in Switzerland was a life changing experience for me and the life lessons I learned there will be with me forever.

When I returned back home, I began seeing an acupuncturist, Donna Black,  for an old sports injury. Through her, I learned how to reincorporate sustainable practices, personally and...: buying my food from organic and local sources, leaving behind products and manufacturers who do not incorporate socially, economic, or environmentally conscious practices. Since my time in Europe I have begun reading more and more about an "organic" way of life. Silly I know, but I have enjoyed learning how to cook again, buying green products, recycling, composting, and a host of other "sustainable" practices.

What I have not enjoyed is the price tag that comes with buying organic or natural products. Deodorant at $5.00 or an $8.00 bar of soap. Even worse, learning that the product you have purchased is not really organic or natural. Has anyone read the back label of your organic or natural product.? You will be amazed with the ingredient list...methyl, ethyl, WTF!?!

This past October, my partner took a job in Columbus, Ohio. Naturally, I followed and with the economy my job hunt has been slow, so I have found myself spending more time learning what it means to live a healthy and conscious lifestyle. In short I have become a 39 year old Hausfrau :)

Well here we are. It took a while I know, but thank you for sticking it out with me. I decided to start making my own organic soaps, lips balms, lotions, doggy shampoos, and other cleaning products in an effort to save money and control what goes into the products I use and the foods I eat.

This blog might resemble a soapbox (forgive the pun)...I just want to share a little insight and gain a little knowledge.
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